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  • edit Power soda
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  • new page Renji
    created by Drake14714
    New page: Renji Abarai (阿散井 恋次, Abarai Renji) is the lieutenant of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 under Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. Edit In Scented Marker...
  • categorization Luke
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    Added photo:
  • new page Luke
    created by Drake14714
    New page: Add a photo Luke is one of the protagonists in Scented marker.
  • new page Power soda
    created by Drake14714
    New page: Add a photo The power soda is an item created by Cassidy. the effects of this item are unknown.
  • new page Items
    created by Drake14714
    New page: Add a photo Items are objects that the player can find throughout each level that will help them complete each level. Items are also available in...
  • new page Additional Character
    created by Drake14714
    New page: Add a photo An additional character is a character that can be downloaded into Scented Marker.

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